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Real Estate

The buyer’s review of the contact with an experienced
real estate attorney prior to signing the contract is essential!



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  Real Estate is the biggest expense most people will incur. The most critical moment in a Real Estate transaction is   the agreement of sale or the building contract. Once the rights and obligations of the parties are set by these   documents, and the mistakes placed in a writing that are frequently made by the buyer it is very costly and   often   impossible to remedy.



At the Law Offices of Vern S. Lazaroff, Esq ., I have been practicing real estate law for over 35 years, including litigation for both defense and prosecution of real estate claims.


There are a host of reasons why it’s important to have a real estate lawyer review even the “simplest” real estate   transactions. You can often earn back the legal fee in savings of time and unnecessary expense. Legal consultations early in the buying or selling process can uncover potential problems before they become major expenses.


I provide legal services in the following real estate law areas:


  • Drafting or review of purchase agreements and closing documents,
  • Confirmation of good title to a property and purchase of title insurance ( Pennsylvania only),
  • Verification that there are no disputes about ownership or boundaries,
  • Ensuring that transactions comply with local and state property and environmental rules,
  • Mortgage closings,
  • Tax issues related to real estate.


A  real estate attorney , can assist you with litigation of:


  • Construction defects,
  • Fraud,
  • Real estate misrepresentation lawsuits,
  • Prosecuting or defending right of way,
  • Commercial lease disputes,
  • Property disclosure and condition disputes,
  • Property damage litigation,
  • Insurance claims for property damage or loss.


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