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Important Announcement to Our Clients

We have received calls from concerned clients regarding receipt of an Amended Discharge Order from the SDNY Bankruptcy Court. The SDNY Bankruptcy Court has not posted any information about this on its website. For all the hundreds of clients that Vern Lazaroff has successfully represented in personal bankruptcy cases over the years, please be aware that no action on your part is necessary in response to this order. Please view this as a technical correction by the SDNY Bankruptcy Court. It does not change any of the advice we previously provided our clients. For more information please click here:
Amended Discharge Order

Discharge Student Loan Debt

Find out if you can improve your student loan debt situation. Click here for more information:
Student Loans

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Our law firm specializes in Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Law.   Law offices service Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Law in Orange County, New York from our Port Jervis, New York office and in North East Pennsylvania from our office in Milford, Pennsylvania.

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